Corporate Wellness Services

Over the years, Impressions has become a fully consolidated wellness service provider and we have been partnering with organizations for more than a decade to:

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Prevent diseases
  • Create corporate wellness solutions to foster a safer and more productive work environment

Our focus is to improve the bottom line, by improving the quality of life of your team so they can be better employees, parents and more productive members of your community.

Our services include:

  • Program Design and Consultation
  • Health Risk Assessment and standardized Reporting
  • On-Site Fitness programs
  • Corporate Health Fairs
  • Various Health Screenings
  • Nurse Counseling
  • Psychological counseling
  • On-Site Flu Shot Clinics
  • Health Education
  • Access to Wellness Portal
  • Digital Marathon’s
  • Gamification of workouts
  • Employee Engagement

Our customized wellness services have till date benefited more than 35,000 Employees across the world. With our proprietary wellness portal, you can analyze and monitor the wellness actions of your employees in real time. Our platform gamifies the wellness experience making it enjoyable and accessible to all at their own pace.

Get in touch to explore how our wellness services can increase your workforce productivity and reduce absenteeism costs.