Office Design & Transformation Services

Impressions understands how instrumental office design is in determining the productivity and satisfaction of your employees. Our office design & transformation services allow you access to our in-house research papers and case studies. By leveraging our expertise you can create an office environment conducive to your work needs while simultaneously optimizing the space in your office.

We provide the opportunity for your organization to transform the way it functions by designing & enabling an Activity Based Working (ABW) environment. Our ABW approach recognizes the fact that people undertake several activities during the course of their work day, and accordingly seek an array of work settings duly supported by appropriate technology and culture.

We design your space based on this Activity Based Working principle, creating an environment that is uniquely adaptable to meet the physical and virtual needs of both individuals and teams. By studying your office’s occupancy metrics and collaborating with your organization, we create the optimal environment for each activity, whether it is individual focus work or collaborating in teams, we give each person the flexibility and freedom to decide how to achieve their potential. Best of all, by optimizing the space for our client offices, we have historically contributed to an average decline of 17% in occupancy costs.