Background Verification Services

At Impressions, We understand the importance of creating a safe working environment and this involves thorough identity checks including validation of all ID documents such as PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card, and Passport.

Our reference check services ensure that the potential hire for home or work environment has the right credentials. A through investigation of antecedents and verification with the past and/ or current employer of the candidate form the bedrock of such services. Impressions’ intensive network and subject domain expertise enables us to dig out any incongruity in the candidate’s work history, integrity or education.

Our pre-employment drug testing program protects employers from any potential adverse consequences caused by hiring drug users. We work with the most reputed testing laboratories and collaborate with our clients to design and conduct highly effective and flexible employee drug testing programs while respecting the candidate’s dignity and sensitivity. Our comprehensive drug and any other addiction testing will ensure a safer and more productive workplace.

Our proprietary technology enabled platform allows you to monitor the verification process of each of the above mentioned services.

Impressions offers its clients a unique temping solution which is convenient, compliant & customer focused.

  • The ROI of your HR investments
  • Lower and control costs
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Improve delivery
  • Free up time to focus on strategic HR