Employee Learning & Development

In order to make organizations future-proof, it is imperative that they invest in the growth and development of their talent. Impressions offers services to facilitate continuous learning at all levels delivered by our proprietary performance and mentoring platform. Your organization will have the complete flexibility to leverage our platform with either complete autonomy or guided supervision in order to ensure your talent’s success. We work with your organization to identify learning needs, set learning targets, which are aligned with your business goals and then deliver  . Learning and development needs are short term or long term in nature which go on to build certain skill sets as needed by your organization.

Our platform allows you to easily identify and analyze constraints and problems which impact your employee’s growth and development agendas and we offer consultancy services in order to minimize the impact of the disruption and ensure effectiveness of the programs. Our interactive dashboard allows you to monitor the success of your programs through live tracking and updates in real time.

Apart from our proprietary technology platform, we also provide fully outsourced L&D solutions for the entire company. Our holistic approach includes the following steps:

  • Discovering the client’s need
  • Enquire and study the training to the specific need
  • Set the objective and design the input
  • Impart the training via an online or offline seminar
  • Help the organization raise the performance to the next level
  • Set a feedback and progress approach for learning environment

Some of our offerings in Training

  • Team and collaboration
  • Influence and Negotiation skill
  • Leadership and Managerial excellence
  • Conflict Handling and resolution
  • Learning in the outdoor
  • Psychometric Analysis (MBTI)
  • Change resistance management
  • Culture Management


Impressions offers its clients a unique temping solution which is convenient, compliant & customer focused.

  • The ROI of your HR investments
  • Lower and control costs
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Improve delivery
  • Free up time to focus on strategic HR