Hiring & Talent Acquisitions

The growth of any organization depends on its people and culture. Impressions adds value to your organization by means of our multi level recruitment process. We facilitate communication with potential recruits about job responsibilities and evaluate candidates using our stringent selection process designed according to your organization’s needs. Our bespoke recruiting services ensure that candidates who are selected succeed in their roles and last for the long haul by significantly reducing the chances of expectation mismatch.

Our bespoke recruitment services offered across wide ranging business functions and across several industries involves a thorough understanding of your business and its hiring needs. We then design our search plan, perform the initial screening of the candidates and validate the credentials of the selected candidates by way of reference checks and background verification. We take an exhaustive but intensive approach right from evaluation of graduating students to recommending pre-placement training ensuring ensuring availability of best Campuses to organization enabling them to get required talented qualified pool well on time with minimum cost.

Impressions offers temporary staffing solutions for your organization. Our approach includes assisting clients in analyzing and improving their service delivery models, and identifying where temporary staffing can bring real business benefit. Our temporary staffing business solutions can help you in We at Impressions also understands the sensitive nature of the business of Temporary Staffing. Organisations often suffer because their contractors either do not understand or do not comply with complex statutory requirements of Indian Law.

Impressions offers its clients a unique temping solution which is convenient, compliant & customer focused.

  • The ROI of your HR investments
  • Lower and control costs
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Improve delivery
  • Free up time to focus on strategic HR