Pest Control Services

Our pest control specialists deliver customized protection backed by science to rid your site of pests. They are provided regular hands-on training on the latest technologies, equipment and processes available for treatment for all kinds of pests so as to ensure a pest-free environment that meets stringent health and safety standards.

From non-toxic methods such as caulking cracks and crevices to using insect growth regulators, insecticides, gel or granular bait for cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and other bugs; treating breeding grounds with larvicides and fogging the outside area for controlling mosquitoes and other vectors; installing netting and spikes to deter birds; laying baits and using anticoagulant solutions for rodent control; installing fly screens and electronic fire killing monitors and using specialized insecticides for flies; safely removing wasp and hornet nests and beehives and more. We create customized solutions to tackle the menace of monkeys and snakes.

Our state-of-the-art pre-construction, post-construction and on-call termite control involves both interceptive means and termicide solutions and provides peace of mind to our clients for years together.