Horticulture, Landscaping and Ground Maintenance

Our services include grounds maintenance, landscaping, mowing the lawn, hedge and shrub pruning, weed control, maintaining flower beds and pressure cleaning of sidewalks and parking lots. We focus on providing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions like promoting green waste composting and water conservation.

We take pride in crafting exquisitely designed, picturesque landscapes that exceed our clients’ expectations. These creations incorporate hardscape such as fencing, stonework, patios, water features, sidewalks, chicken wire sculptures, gates and boundaries as well as soft-scape such as grassed areas, flower beds, tree-lined pathways, ornamental plants etc.

Our team of experts provide interior office plants and flower arrangements designed and arranged by an in house specialist for a green office design. Our biophilic arrangements have been correlated with improvements in mental health and reduction of toxins and dust particles in the office space as measure by our air quality monitor.