Training School

At Impressions, we understand the importance of investing in training and development. As we expand our Facility Services and bring them to new markets, on-the-job development and training climb even higher on our agenda.

Executive development

The executive development program at Impressions focuses on the top managers of our Organisation with enrolment in pan India Conferences and exhibitions as well as access to some of the top management and technology courses from the leading university of the world.

Impressions University

The Impressions University has custom built programs in collaboration with universities and subject domain experts based on the feedback of our employees. The University has both mandatory and optional modules of courses.

Impressions Academy

The Impressions Academy was formed to address our operational training needs. Our practical and short training courses provide on the job training to the maintenance staff, ensuring highly productive employees who know what they’re doing. The academy trains our staff with highly effective SOP’s for each task at hand. To better understand our methods, please get in touch with us by clicking here.