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Digital Recruitment & Onboarding

Our VIKAAS app is used by ten’s of thousands of people for training in facilities management roles.


Our recruitment process selects only those candidates who successfully complete the training.

That gives us a team of the most proactive and driven facilities staff in India and our client retention rate of 97% reflects that.



Criminal record check

All ID verification

Current residence check

Reference check

Substance Use check


The Smart Pantry

Experience 0 disruption meetings with our smart pantry solutions. Order from your phone with just 2 clicks and save 5 minutes per meeting. 

We benchmark even the nutritional information so you can keep account of your nutritional goals in the place where you spend 1 / 3 of your day.

Visit The smart pantry here

Save 5 mins / meeting

0 disruption meetings

Customise menu items

Impress your visitors

Accurate orders on time

Get nutritional summary

Get custom background checks


Get to customise the screening process for all your facility staff. Our work with India’s most sensitive and important places like — Delhi’s IGI airport, the Indian Parliament and the CBI headquarters has only expanded our abilities to conduct expansive background checks.



Criminal record check

All ID verification

Current residence check

Reference check

Substance Use check

Managing your facility means managing your health.

We hire only those candidates who have received both doses of the approved vaccines. 99% of our staff has received both doses — once again, the highest in the industry.



375 million sq ft

Of India’s most prominent real estate

Online + Offline Training every month

Our training is delivered through our VIKAAS app, with periodic lessons to brush up on essential FM role specific knowledge and ensure that attrition does not cause disruption at facility.

App based

No Disruption due to Attrition


Test on training and performance

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CAFM for facilities management

We use our proprietary CAFM platform for recording facility issues and ensuring timely closure of all tickets. 

Our digital approach helps you run your facility on autopilot. 

Facility Issues & Overview

Identify Cost Saving Avenues

Coordinate with facility staff

Track timely ticket closure

Schedule Maintenance

Establish SOP’s & Compliance

Digital Procurement & Fulfilment

Simplify your purchase requisition and order processing. Set up a pre-approved rate contract for your regular purchases, to create a streamlined workflow. Track orders as they proceed through the system and gain real-time access to delivery information.


Integrate this with information on your on-site inventory management by using our complimentary inventory system, and never experience a critical shortage of material at your worksite. Ever.

Pre approved rates

Stress Free Delivery

Exactly what you need

100% Pricing Transparency

Import Clearances

Dedicated SPOC

Online Shopping

Statistics that speak for themselves

20,000 +

Happy Employees

1,400 +

Client Sites


Cities with presence

97 %

Client retention rate

Experience what coming to the office can feel like, with the right FM partner

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